Sphere Yin Yang Waterproof Vibrator

Looking for something different for your better half? Maybe you want to surprise her with special gift just because she is so great. Sphere Yin Yang Waterproof Vibrator is just perfect for that.

Sphere_Yin_Yang_Massagers_Waterproof_4.75_InchLot of people talk about how to put smile upon the face of your love ones. Simple gift is more than enough to make her smile. With this unique powerfull Sphere Yin Yang Waterproof vibrator you’ll surprise your partner with modern, sufisticated and quiet waterproof vibrator.

This is great not only because it combine two part of vibrating stimulators. It’s also a gift that both of you can use during foreplay. Your lady can use it also in the bath tube or under the shower. During the hot summer is also great to play with it in the pool.

Each piece is uniqu and have its own specialties, 5 surprisingly strong, discreetly quiet mode.
White half offers you 5 speeds of vibrting stimulations.
Black half provides you with 5 unique pulsation modes.

Those, who dares more, it also can be used as a part of your vibrating panties. How?
There are three steps to vibrating pleasure in your panties.
You simply tur it on, slip it into your panties, enjoy in vibrating pleasures. Is simple as that.

If you want to know more about vibrating underwear, you should check this great website with lot of reviews of best selling vibrating panties.
Click on www.vibrating-underwear.com

Waterproof feature is something that is also great about this Yin Yang Vibrator. So you can use it under the water too.
Because of this feature, it’s also very easy to clean.
Both parts are made from safe materials which arenon toxic, non-porous and hypoallergenic ABS Plastic.
Because of the »tear-drop« shape, this vibrator, will perfectly fit to curves of your body.

Where you can get one?

TopSexToysShop.com is best choice, because of 10% discount code TOYS4U, which you should use durring the purchase.
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Amazon.com – There is also avaliable, but there is no discount.
To search there, GO HERE!


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How to use a vibrator safe

Vibrator is well known worldwide. But it can be a little bit tricky about using it. So if you ask yourself how to use a vibrator, you are on the right place to find out.

VibratorFirst of all, you always take care about hygiene. Clean your vibrator before and after every use. This is siple step, but your sex toy will last much longer.

Next step is to use a lubricant. No matter how you will use it, anal or vaginal, always use a lubricant that is recommended for using your vibrator. It all depend on the material that is your vibrator made of.
Lubricant will take care about smooth penetrating and prevent damages.

Now you should turn on the vibrations, or not. It’s up to you. Of course, vibrator is a dildo with vibrating option.
Here is the catch. Vibrations can be turned on or controlled in few ways.
Basic is to turn on with the switch on the vibrator. Usually you twist the bottom of the vibrator and it start to vibrate.
Vibrations controlled with wired controller is next option. This will give you a little bit of freedom, or you can trust the remote to your partner, while you enjoy.
Wireless remote controlled vibrator offers you a lot of freedom. Especially if you play with your partner. This could be a very hand for foreplay. A lot of couples practice this. This type of vibrator usually have few pre-programmed options of vibrations, pulsations and escalation.

luxury vibrator

Another controlling options is using the wireless remote controller, with voice sensitive sensor. This will provide you with vibrations controlled by voice. It could be the whisper of your partner or music that you are listening.

Those are possibilities of getting and controlling the vibrations.
Next step is up to you. Tease yourself or your partner and enjoy the ride of pleasure.
Just don’t forget to turn off your vibrator and clean it with sex toy cleaner. This way your toy wil be well prepared for next sexual adventure.

This is basically it about how to use a vibrator. If you follow the instructions of safe use, your vibrator will provide you with vibrating pleasures for a lon time. So take care of it and vibrator will take care of your pleasure.

Now you know how to use a vibrator, all you have to do is to get one, use one and have fun. Don’t forget to clean one too!

To get one check the best online store by clicking on TopSexToysShop.com


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Jimmyjane Hello Touch

Looking for new things in your sex life? Want new, unique and special touch in the world of masturbation? If you like to use your fingers, Jimmyjane Hello Touch is perfect for you!

Discreet Jimmyjane hello touch vibratorImagine that you are alone and you become horny. Your vibrator in the drawer is pretty much same old story. It’s obviously you need something new.

Jimmyjane hello touch is unique discreet vibrator which is up to three times more powerful and only the third of the size of other discreet vibrators. It’s one of the best among the discreet vibrators.

Using this sex toy, you can use your fingers just like when you play solo or with your partner. Only different is that you will wear this little powerful vibrators which is by the way also waterproof. So you can use it safely for external and internal stimulation.

It’s great for clitoral stimulation, but you should not forget to stimulate your G-Spot. To get even more stimulation of your heavenly spot, let your partner find the way to take you to the 7th heaven.

Believe me, it will be much easier than you think. Because you can masturbate or please your partner like before. There is nothing to learn, but everything to discover.

You can easily tickle, pinch or squeeze like you usually do, but with much more pleasure.

Bring something new into your sex life and give this discreet vibrator a chance to take you to reach an orgasm. Literally, orgasm waits you in the reach of your fingertips!

To get Jimmyjane Hello Touch cheaper, use a promo code TOPVIBRATORS for 10% discount!

To use a promo code, GO HERE!


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What the fuck is the duck vibrator

Do you like to play with yourself under the shower? Maybe you rather enjoy in a bathtub and masturbate. Do you miss something to play with, but still you don’t want others to know that you have a vibrator? Duck vibrator is just perfect for you.

It’s small enough that you can hide it from everyone. Even if they find it, it still looks like a cute floating duck.

duck vibrators

If you travel a lot is this one little devil just right size to travel with you. After all it’s about half the size of the original floating toy.

Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 3 / 7.6 x 5 x 7.6 cm

It’s waterproof and like a whisper quiet. But still powerful enough to brings you to reach an orgasm. Of course, it floats too.

It requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

There are few shapes of ducks. I like the pirate duckie most. Beware! The Pirate Duckie is ready to plunder your treasure!
Those sex toys are great. No one will ever know why take it so long for you to take a bath. Enjoy and have fun with your duck.


Use a promo code JUST4U – 5% discount and save your money or take the sex toy cleaner with your new floating sex toy.

To grab your duck vibrator, CLICK HERE!


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Vibrating pleasures of Fifty shades of Grey collection

Reading Fifty shades of Grey was for me full of joy and excitement. Of course, I got immediately desire to try all of those things that Christian Grey did to Anastasia Steele. Well, guess what?!? With Official Fifty shades of Grey sex toys collection you are one step closer to re-live all of the sexual experience from all three books.

Fifty shades of Grey Vibratorss

Here are Vibrators from the official Fifty shades of Grey sex toy collection:


  • Insatiable Desire Mini G-Spot Vibrator:

This is small, but perfect size G-Spot vibrator. It have upwardly curved tip that nuzzles your G-spot with 10 vibrating functions to satisfy your needs. Three speeds and seven patterns are more than enough to re-live all your fantasies. It’s also great to stimulate your clitoris.
Insatiable Desire Mini G-Spot Vibrator is made from smooth silicone. Great thing about this piece of modern technology is that it’s waterproof. So you can take it to your sexual journey under the shower or in the bathtube. For the most satisfying play, use water-based lube. Silicone-based lube is not compatible with this adult toy!

Insatiable Desire is the ideal erotic gift for fans of the trilogy.


  • Charlie Tango Classic Vibrator:

With this unique sex toy you will have passion, pleasure and erotic fulfilment in the reach of your hand. Elegant look of this sex toy is combined with satisfaction. It’s suitable for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Especially the tip is just perfect for sensational stimulation of your clitoris. You can take this little friend with you in the bathtub or under the shower. Yes, It’s waterproof and will take your sexual pleasure beyond the bedroom.

You can play solo or trust it to your partner. Let him to discover all of your sexual shades and believe me, you will fulfill all of your vibrating fantasies.
All types of lubes are compatible with Charlie Tango Classic Vibrator.


  • We Aim To Please Vibrating Bullet:

Re-live Anastasia Steele’s vibrating pleasures from this bullet vibrator. It’s small but still very powerful and it will lead you way up to heaven of pleasure. You can play with it individually or with your partner. Leave your imagination to burst in all of your shades of sexual fantasies.
Slender and sleak shaft with an elegant reflective silver finish is very eye catchy. Many couples use vibrating bullet for foreplay.

Here is one tip for you:

Turn it on and put it into your panties just right there where you want vibrations most. It will definitely turn you on. You can make your own vibrating panties with this bullet insert.

Of course, it’s also waterproof so you can easily fulfill all of your underwater sexual fantasies.

We Aim To Please Vibrating Bullet is the ideal erotic gift for fans of the trilogy.

Relax and enjoy in exploring your world of sexual shades. Those are Three vibrators from this unique pleasure collection. All of sex toys in Official Fifty shades of Grey sex toy collection are approved by author E L James.

To find out more, click on Fifty shades of Grey collection!

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Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator

When it comes to personal comfort, there are different tools and equipment designed for you to meet your personal needs. The Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator is made for more personal purposes to leave your body relaxed and relieved. Hitachi Magic Wand is been known for several years when it comes to providing helpful services to customers.

With Hitachi Magic Wand, you will feel great stimulation and relaxation through personal massage. It is utilized for massaging the body all over – from the sore muscles up to love muscles. It is packed with powerful features for better performance. It has 2 speeds which offer deep or light rubbing while vibrations definitely relieve the tension and even deliver sensation. It can be a great gift idea for you or for your loved ones.

Hitachi Magic Wand VibratorThe Hitachi Magic Wand has set its standards for over 30 years for the personal massagers that are hand-held. This personal massager comes with soft spherical head to give soothing massage which are operated by 2-speed switch positioned on the slender handle of the Wand. Unlike the cordless styles of massagers, this Magic Wand has strong electric motor that is powered with the use of standard plug/cord to provide constant source of power for the extended massage session.

The operator on a Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator lasts about twenty five minutes with approximately 5, 000 vibrations every minute on low and there are about 6, 000 vibrations every minute on high. All of the sales on Hitachi have been solely restricted into North America and 110 or 120V circuitry.

Cup for magic WandWhen you read more reviews on this personal massager, you will discover that majority of the customers are greatly satisfied with its service and performance. Many people appreciate it as the best sexual massager for them. Other useful purposes of Hitachi Magic Wand include relieving tension, rehabilitation after the injuries from sports, and even relaxing and soothing the nerves and sore muscles.

Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator is composed of more features to maximize its usefulness for every customer. Another good thing about it is that it is also approved by doctor. Most of them discuss the benefits it provides for the enhancement of genital sensitivity and marital aid. This product is the best choice of many people and they have been using it for several years. Relieve tension and relax your sore muscles with Hitachi Magic Wand. Make one step forward and get G-spot stimulating cup for your new massager. With using G-Spot cup, you can transform your Magic wand vibrator to ultimate G-Spot Vibrator and even more. You can also choose between many other shapes of cups for Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator.

Experience great satisfaction in using this personal massager now!

You can get one in several stores:

Topsextoysshop.com – CLICK HERE!

Edenfantasys.com – CLICK HERE!

Extremerestraints.com – CLICK HERE!

Stockroom.com – CLICK HERE!

Amazon.com – CLICK HERE!


P.S. Tip to save your money!

Use a special promo code on Topsextoysshop.com

valentine2013 10.00% Off ($100.00 Order Minimum) expire on Feb 14, 2013

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Jopen Vanity Vr10

Jopen Vanity Vr10 is No. 1 selling product from Vanities by Jopen and if you want to be satisfied, it is now the time for you to have this great a sex toy. One of the most common sex toys that are especially made for women is the vibrator. Using this thing, women can satisfy themselves by tickling and inserting the vibrator into their organ. Women want to experience a new level of sexual sensation. This is the main reason why a brand of vibrator called Jopen Vanity Vr10 was made.

Jopen_Vanity_Vr10With Vanity By Jopen, you will not be worried that you can get infection by using the product because this is made from the material called silicone. Another benefit of this vibrator is that it is rechargeable. Because of this feature, you can use this even when you travel. You can be very sure that you will reach the highest level of satisfaction in using the product because of the strong vibration and rotation process. The design of this product is another advantage that you can enjoy as it is modern-looking, ergonomic, sleek and beautiful.

Jopen Vanity has lots of satisfied customers rather than disappointed ones. As written in their reviews, the said brand of vibrator has reached the highest level of popularity and said to be the perfect choice for you if you enjoy vibrators that have a rabbit-like style. It is now offered in most online stores for you to purchase one. The discounts and promotions of online stores make the price of this product lower. Once you purchase these Luxury Vibrators, you will be guaranteed to have a great time playing by yourself.

For you to avail the vibrator at a very low price, it is very advisable for you to purchase one right now as most of the online stores that offer this product has limited stocks. So, what are you waiting for? Go online and find the best online store where Jopen Vanity Vr10 is offered. If you don’t purchase this item right now, you might miss all of the discounts and promotions offered by the stores. This Luxury Vibrator will lead you to lots of benefits when it comes to satisfying your sexual needs. This is now one of the best-selling brands of luxury vibrators that you can have. You will never regret purchasing this vibrator due to the many features it can provide for you, which will let your experience a brand new level of satisfaction. This Rabbit Style Vibrator is also durable, so you can make sure that it will last for a long time.


Check it out HERE!


Promo code: TOPVIBRATORS  10% discount – no minimum order.



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Satisfy your Sexual Needs with LELO Inez 24k Gold

Several women have their own sexual fantasies, but they find it difficult to get a partner that can satisfy their sexual needs. This is the main reason why lots of companies are making different brands of vibrators for women who want to be contented and achieve the highest level of satisfaction in sex. But, not all of the available products are very safe to use as it may cause some problems due to the material used in making the certain product. So, LELO introduced a vibrator that is very different from other brands of vibrator out there. The company used gold as the main material in making the product. This specific product is LELO Inez 24k Gold.

The LELO Inez Gold is very different from other brands of vibrators because it is plated from gold in 24k. Due to the main material used in making the product, this is a vibrator that is said to be very elegant and can deliver a luxurious pleasure to the users. The buzz that is supplied by this vibrator is very energetic compared to other brands of women’s sex toy. With this vibrator, women will feel satisfaction through sexual urge. This is a Luxury Vibrator, so it can be very expensive. On the other hand, the quality of this vibrator is worth every cent spent in purchasing it.

This is one of the most popular LELO Vibrators that you can choose because of the features installed that any other brands don’t have. The certain vibrator is pre-installed with programs used for stimulation modes. This is a very quiet-processing vibrator that will not disturb any individuals around the user. You will enjoy a lot in using the sex toy due to the advantages of the product. The product only consumes 2 hours in charging but can last for up to 4 hours. All of the LELO Luxury Vibrators including this particular one are packed in a gift box that is elegant and made of wooden material. The package includes the vibrator, the charger, satin pouch that can be used as storage, the manual and LELO warranty.

If you want to satisfy your sexual needs with a Luxury Vibrator, it is the time for you to purchase LELO Inez 24k Gold. You will benefit from the features of this vibrator as your satisfaction will be brought into a brand new level. Thus, you will never regret purchasing this product.

To find out more about LELO Inez 24K Gold, CLICK HERE!

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LELO Ina 2 review

LELO Vibrators are generally known like one of the best Vibrators that you can find on the market today. The LELO Ina 2 Vibrator have improvements in features and design over the basic Ina Vibrator. More flexible clitoral arm and power boost makes this Sex Toy even more desirable for many women.

What you should expect from LELO Ina 2?

This Rabbit Style Vibrator is distinguished by the following characteristics:

–        Greater flexibility of clitoral arm,

–        Stronger vibrations provide you with even more pleasure

–        Good insertable size

–        Smooth texture

–        Safe materials which are Hypo-allergenic / Non-porous / Latex free / Food-grade material / Phthalates free

The LELO Ina 2 Vibrator is very popular especially by women who love to use the Rabbit Style Vibrator. Advantage of this type of vibrator is that is designed so that stimulate the user both internally and externally at the same time. It have stronger vibrations with eight diferent settings More flexible clitoral arm give the user even more external stimulation and wider shaft takes care of G-spot stimulation and because of that is very popular as G-Spot Vibrator too.. The best part of this ultimate Rabbit Vibrator is that have fully waterproof body for underwater games and in-water adventures.

The Ina 2 is made from 100% silicone and plastic which is absolutely safe for use.

Because of easy-to-use controls this great Sex Toy can be used by beginners as well as those which already have LELO Ina vibrator.

This Luxury vibrator is rechargeable and if you own original Ina Vibrator, that charger will work for Ina 2 too. You will find the silicone port at the base of the vibrator which must be opened so you can insert the charging port. A two hours of charge will be enough for four hours of use.

How to care and maintain LELO Ina 2?

Because this Vibrator is waterproof you can easily wash it in warm water and antibacterial soap. Be sure that silicone plug is fully plugged into the base of the vibrator before you wash it. It’s very simple to clean because it don’t have any textures or crannies that would make difficult to clean.

Keep your sex toy away from direct sunlight and don’t expose it to extreme heat.

You can store your luxury vibrator in a satin pouch or use the storage box from the packaging.


Because of luxury feel and packaging the LELO Ina 2 can be great and very unique gift for your partner.

To find out more about LELO Ina 2, CLICK HERE!



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Sextrology Vibes – Vibrators with Horoscope Signs

Meny of us, believe in horoscope predictions. If you are like me, you love to have some stuff with your horoscope sign on it. Now is available for you to have your own Vibrator With Horoscope Sign.

Horoscope Vibrators

I think that the number of women which don’t have its own vibrator is very low, or at least there are very rare women which don’t have any sex toy at all. If you believe in predictions of horosope, then you probably want have one of those. It’s very personal and unique sex toy which can bring you good memories if you get one as a gift.

What you get with Horoscope Vibrator?

First thing is color. You can choose between stunning colors; Pink or Purple. This is High Quality Vibrator which is also waterproof. It have multispeed vibrations which is under your controland it’s powered by 2 AA batteries.

If you want to surprise your girlfriend or your new love, this can be very special gift too. With  Horoscope sign of the person who get this Horoscope Vibrator, you make this gift even more personal and unique.

Where can you get Horoscope Vibrator?

If you are interesting to get one of those, Click on image above, or you can CLICK HERE! – Use a promo code: JUST4U for 5% discount)

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