Jopen Intensity

Vanity by Jopen is unique and special because of its features, look and Luxury in the world of the Sex-toys. Everyone who knows Jopen Vanity, knows that every single one of Jopen Version combine some features and usefulness but none of them so much as Jopen Intensity.

Jopen IntensityJopen Intensity combine G-spot Vibrator, Electro-stimulation, Inflatable vibrator and clitoral vibrator in one. It’s better than all the others before and every single one of us can find something that is useful with this G-spot Vibrator with  with the possibility of inflation and electrostimulation.

Only bad thing of this unique Luxury Vibrator is that is not waterproof like the others and maybe is »Duckling« appearance a little bit odd.

Jopen Intensity is innovative revolution on the market of pleasure even if the look is not something that instantly make you »wanna have«.  This Vanity by Jopen is billed as Kegel Exerciser but is also one of the best pleasure giver that you can find.  Inside of Jopen Intensity are hidden two separate motors, one deliver vibrating pleasures through the shaft, second, the clitoral stimulation is located in triple-tipped stimulator.
The shaft is ribbed and that allows to inflate and because of that, Jopen Intensity is perfect for your body, no matter your favorite size.
More info you can find in this special video, and I think that you will see Jopen Intensity in different sight than before.

Jopen Intensity is made from body safe materials like silicone, ABS plastic with a silicone coating, stimulation contacts are made of stainless steel. All of materials are Non-porous, Free of latex, Phthalates, Odor-free or any other potential irritants.


Cleaning of Jopen Intensity is a little bit different than cleaning other Vanity by Jopen, because Intensity is not waterproof, so clean it carefully with mild soap and water.
With Jopen Intensity  you can only use a water-based lubricants.

The instruction are offered in multiple languages and they are concise as well efficient.

For more information about Jopen Intensity , CLICK HERE!


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