Jopen Vanity Vr1

Masturbation help you discover what you like and what gives you uncomfortable feelings. The Jopen Vanity Vr1 is one of a wide range of Vibrators Jopen. This version of Jopen Vanity Vibrator combine a high quality vibrator and Kegel Exerciser. Many woman ignores the vaginal muscles that become loose over the years.

Jopen Vanity Vr1 is designed to activate pelvic floor muscles and made them to work, but the real secret is that vibrating panel activates with touch and respon to your vaginal contractions with bursts of vibration.

Jopen Vanity Vr1This little vibrator proves that pleasure enhanced incentives.

What makes Jopen Vanity Vr1 Vibrator so unique?

Jopen Vanity Vr1 is luxury vibrator with lopsided hourglass shape and is best to use for those who have interest in vaginal exercisers. This Sex Toy is something special because of very important feature that no other Kegel Exerciser have. Dual motor (one on each ball) to motivate the wearer into working with pelvic floor muscles! By clenching your pelvic floor muscles around the largest ball, you will activate vibrating motors. With increasing pressure on that ball you triggered more powerful vibrations and thus more pleasure.

Jopen Vaniti Vr1 Vibrator is made from silicone. Though this silicone is a only a thin membrane between your body and the motors, it allows for easy insertion and optimal comfort once inside. Outer layer is completely Non-porous, Phthalates free, Hypo-allergenic, Latex free in beautiful Fuchsia color.

It’s rechargeable,waterproof and with powerful motors.

For safer use you can add a little water or oil based lubricant to the surface before insertion.

Never use silicone based lubricants with Jopen Vanity Vibrator!


For more info about Jopen Vanity Vr1 or other Jopen Vanity Vibrators CLICK HERE!

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