Jopen Vanity Vr2

Jopen Vanity Vr2 is Ultimate G-spot Vibrator with two separate motors which operates individually. Like satin smooth 100% silicone skin gives this G-spot Vibrator position in luxury sex-toys world.

Beautiful deep Fuchsia color gives a softer appearance of this rechargeable Vibrator. You can use it internally or externally. For G-spot stimulation you can use smaller end which is shape just right for this kind of stimulation. Bigger bulb is powered by separate motor and has a great shape for clitoral stimulation. The smaller end you can also use anally.

Jopen Vanity Vr2Middle part of this unique Vibrator bends rather easily and it is easy to keep it bent while you’re using it for penetration. If you are not a size queen, this Vibrator is perfect for you.

Like all other Vibrators  of Jopen Vanity, this one is body-safe. To keep it clean, do not put this Vibrator in dishwasher or boil it for sterilizing. You just simple spray it with 10% bleach and 90% water solution and then rinse well with soap and water!

For safe playing with this Luxury Jopen Vanity Sex-toy is recommended to use Water Based Lubricants.

DON’T use silicone based lubricants!!!

For more info about Jopen Vanity Vr2 CLICK HERE!

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