LELO Ina 2 review

LELO Vibrators are generally known like one of the best Vibrators that you can find on the market today. The LELO Ina 2 Vibrator have improvements in features and design over the basic Ina Vibrator. More flexible clitoral arm and power boost makes this Sex Toy even more desirable for many women.

What you should expect from LELO Ina 2?

This Rabbit Style Vibrator is distinguished by the following characteristics:

–        Greater flexibility of clitoral arm,

–        Stronger vibrations provide you with even more pleasure

–        Good insertable size

–        Smooth texture

–        Safe materials which are Hypo-allergenic / Non-porous / Latex free / Food-grade material / Phthalates free

The LELO Ina 2 Vibrator is very popular especially by women who love to use the Rabbit Style Vibrator. Advantage of this type of vibrator is that is designed so that stimulate the user both internally and externally at the same time. It have stronger vibrations with eight diferent settings More flexible clitoral arm give the user even more external stimulation and wider shaft takes care of G-spot stimulation and because of that is very popular as G-Spot Vibrator too.. The best part of this ultimate Rabbit Vibrator is that have fully waterproof body for underwater games and in-water adventures.

The Ina 2 is made from 100% silicone and plastic which is absolutely safe for use.

Because of easy-to-use controls this great Sex Toy can be used by beginners as well as those which already have LELO Ina vibrator.

This Luxury vibrator is rechargeable and if you own original Ina Vibrator, that charger will work for Ina 2 too. You will find the silicone port at the base of the vibrator which must be opened so you can insert the charging port. A two hours of charge will be enough for four hours of use.

How to care and maintain LELO Ina 2?

Because this Vibrator is waterproof you can easily wash it in warm water and antibacterial soap. Be sure that silicone plug is fully plugged into the base of the vibrator before you wash it. It’s very simple to clean because it don’t have any textures or crannies that would make difficult to clean.

Keep your sex toy away from direct sunlight and don’t expose it to extreme heat.

You can store your luxury vibrator in a satin pouch or use the storage box from the packaging.


Because of luxury feel and packaging the LELO Ina 2 can be great and very unique gift for your partner.

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