Vibrating Bullet Insert For Your Vibrating Panties

Using sex toys is more and more popular, and using Remote Control Vibrating Panties for creating unforgetable pleasure is no exception. The best thing about Vibrating Panties is that you can make a pair of them with Vibrating Bullet Insert very cheap. It just depend which type of Vibrating Bullet Insert you will choose.
There are three types of Vibrating Bullet Insert:

Wireless Bullet Insert:

This type of sex toy accessories is in my opinion most used ever. It gives you as much freedom as you want and most of all, it can provide pleasure for two persons. One can handle Wireless Remote Controller and second person just enjoy in teasing moments whch are controlled by partner. Some of those Wireless Bullet inserts have a wide range up to 20 feet, so your partner have no problem to control vibrating pleasures in your panties.

Bullet Insert With Wired Remote Controller:

This type of Vibrating Bullet Inserts are controlled with Wired Remote Controller but they are cheaper than Wireless Bullets. I highly recomend this type for solo play, because only different is that you are limitet to distance of the wire from Remote Controller to Bullet Insert. You can find them in many different sizes, shapes and especially in every color you want.

Bullet Insert Without Conroller:

This type is the ost easiest to use. You just simply activate the vibrations, insert the Bullet into your panties and enjoy. Of course, you can use it not only in your panties but also for solo play without underwear.


With purchasing any type of Bullet Insert, you can transform your Lingerie into Vibrating Underwear and it’s a cheaper than buying Vibrating Panties.

Where Can you find Vibrating Bullet Insert for you online?

I highly recommend three online stores, two of them are specialized for sextoys and one is generally for anything you need at home.

Topsextoysshop.comThis is one of the greatest sex toys stores online. You can find there anything related with sex and sextoys. I recommend to use special Promo Code for 5% discount on any purchase.
Promo Code: JUST4U   (5.00% Off – No Order Minimum)
To visit, CLICK HERE! – This is also a great sex toy store with anything what is related to sex toys, cleaners, lubricants. They also have free standard shipping if you order $59+

ToVisit Edenfantasys store, GO HERE! – Online store with anything you need at home even a wide range of choices for sex toys. To visit Amazon store, CLICK HERE!


If you want to find more information about Vibrating Underwear, CLICK HERE!


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OhMiBod Music Driven Vibrator

In nowadays you can find all kinds of Vibrating Sex Toys, but I’m here to present you only Top Vibrators. OhMiBod are one of the most sophisticated Sex Toys manufacturer. They are use only best materials that you can get and of course latest techlogy. Maybe it seems that they have not so much to offer, but believe me, what they give on the market, every single stuff is best quality and provide you with One-year OhMiBod warranty.

OhMiBod Music Driven Vibrator

OhMiBod Music Driven Vibrator is very special and unique, not only because of elegance design but also because it combine Vibrator and Music player which control vibrations. The integrated microchip allows that OhMibod Vibrator vibrates to the beat of music from your iPod, or any MP3 Player and any electronic audio output source with a 3.5mm jack.

Imagine that you come from work and you wish something to banish stress away and usually music that you listening helps. Now you can go one step further and can even enjoy in vibrating pleasure all over your body and your body and mind actually come together and become one. What can be greather than listening your favorite songs and at the same time recive vibrating stimulations by the rhythm of our favorite songs.

This Top Vibrator come  in white color with polished chrome detail and satin finished shaft.
With OhMibod Music Driven Vibrator you get:

  • 3-foot freedom cord
  • Integrated multi-speed end cap for use without a music player
  • Universal headphone connector
  • Velvet privacy pouch
  • One-year OhMiBod warranty

Sex Toys Cleaner

Cleaning this Ultimate Sex Toy is simple but still you must keep motor, end cap and batteries away from liquids to prevent corrosion of electronic parts.

Clean your sex toys after every use. This OhMiBod Vibrator you can clean with alcohol, Sex Toy Cleaner or with mild soap and water.
Enjoy in listening your faforite songs and vibrating beats of your new freind.For more info click on  OhMiBod Vibrators.


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Zini Deux – Discreet Vibrator For Couples

Zini Deux Discreet Vibrator is specially made for couples intended to make foreplay more fun. It offers two Vibrators in one, because of unique shape it looks like egg. His part of Zini Deux Discreet Vibrator is concave and it’s meant to cupping his sensitive areas. The second part is convex and it’s made for clitoral or labial stimulation.

Zini Deux Discreet Vibrator is made of PU coated plastic which is Food-grade material, Latex free,  Phthalates free and is Hypo-allergenics so it have no smell or taste and is totally safe for use.

Zini Deux

This Discreet Vibrator comes in few color combinations. You can choose between Black, White or Deep Violet on the outside and Vibrant Plum on the inside of this gorgeous egg shaped Discreet Vibrator. The interior of each part is seamless and smooth. These vibrators are rechargeable but not waterproof and both parts of the Zini Deux must be charged separately.

Design is also something special, because both parts give a shape of egg or rounded stone. It’s lightweight and ergonomically designed, so while you use your half of Zini Deux it sit very comfortably in your hand.

His piece have some sort of cup which is great to stimulate testicles, penis or breasts. Her part of this unique vibrator rises to a smooth peak on the narrower end and have perfect shape for clitoral stimulation and surrounding areas.

Locking feature, multiple vibration levels and patterns are only few of choices which make Zini Deux Discreet Vibrator perfect choice to spice up foreplay with your partner.

One more important fact. Users rated Zini Deux in Top 10 Discreet Vibrators!

This Sex Toy is rechargeable and with using Rechargeable Sex Toys you Express your passion for nature in pleasure and sometimes you get some extra discount. At the moment is 25% Off and shipping is FREE!

For more info about Zini Deux Descreet Vibrator, CLICK HERE!


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Jopen Vanity Vr6

Vanity by Jopen is well known product in industry of sex toys. This is special family of Luxury vibrators which combine elegance and very powerful unique sex toy. Jopen Vanity Vr6 is Rabbit Style Vibrator specially made for G-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation. This Vanity bj Jopen have two separate motors which are also separate contorlled with one button each motor.

Beautiful Fuchsia color is like the Trademark of this sex toys which are all great.


Jopen Vanity Vr6 is Rabbit Luxury Vibrator with sophisticated design to fit the contours of a woman. It’s made for internal vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Because of the shape of the shaft is this Luxury Vibrator perfect for a G-spot Stimulation.

This sex toy is perfect to use when taking a bath or a shower you can also share the experience using this toy with partner.

Of course like all other Vanity by Jopen this one is made from most luxurious silicone which is Non pourose, unscented, durable with a satin finish  and Hypoallergenic. Unbelievably smooth and soft texture satisfy evryone, especially those who prefer velvet-like texture on their sex toys.

Rechargeable feature is one of the greatest things of all Jopen Vanity as well as waterproof system which gives even more freedom to user, because this is very rare that you can use a vibrator under the shower or in the bathtub. To full recharge  approximately takes up to 4 hours. When you start to recharge, red LED indicator will glow, when is fully charged LED wil glow white.

Locking feature is great for those who travel a lot. You also get the large travel bag to make suitable for travel.

In short, Jopen Vanity Vr6 is great Luxury Rabbit Style Vibrator in nice Fuchsia color and it’s made from best materials whic are safe. Rechargeable and Waterproof feature gives to this Sex toy even more uniqueness.

For more info about Jopen Vanity Vr6 including two videos, CLICK HERE!


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Sticky: Top 3 LELO Vibrators

LELO Vibrators are one of the best which you can find on the market in the whole world! Not only that all of LELO Vibrators are for an eye catchy, they are efficient and do the job just the way you want! In LELO Vibrator group you can find many varieties of Luxury Vibrators from Rabbit Style Vibrator,G-Spot Vibrators to bullet and Egg Vibrators. Many Of LELO Vibrators are waterproof, rechargeable, some of them are even remote controlled. The best part of all is that they are not only for women but you can also find some of them which is for your men.

Here are the Top 3 LELO Vibrators:

LELO Insignia Alia:

The Insignia Alia is Luxury Vibrator for external stimulation. This is one of those vibrators which can be used for both of you. Even if is this great  Clitoral Vibrator, woman can use it for teasing the lips and vaginal opening. you can use it on your man too, for tease the tip of his penis or you can place it under the balls. So basically you get with Insignia Alia vibrator for both of you. There are many options to use LELO Insignia Alia, like if you enjoy in vibrating pleasures on your nipples, the breasts or every other part of your body, with this sex toy you can rub around the body and enjoy in nice vibrations.

This Luxury Vibrator can be a great as a gift for your partner. It’s Multifunctional, quiet,waterproof, rechargeable and it’s made from Food-grade material, is  Hypo-allergenic, Latex free, Non-porous and Phthalates free.

Insignia Alia is placed in top 50 Discreat Vibrators rated by users. FREE Shipping!
For more Information about LELO Insignia Alia, CLICK HERE!


LELO Insignia Isla:

Insignia Isla  is Luxury G-Spot Vibrator and come in three different colors ( pink, green and black). It’s waterproof and recargeable like many other LELO Vibrators and it’s made from silicona and plastic which is Non-porous, Hypo-allergenic, Latex free, Phthalates free and of course Food-grade material. This is one of the Top 10 G-Spot Vibrators rated by users! Because of unique and nice looking is very special and very catchy for an eye so can be great for special gift for your women or girl.
This is great multifunctional, multispeed and quiet vibrator. Insignia Isla have 6 adjustable stimulation modes and full- rechargeable up to 4 hours  of pleasure.
For more info about Insignia IslaCLICK HERE!


LELO Insignia Oden:


Insignia Oden is the part of the LELOs wireles sex toys. Oden is rated in top 100 Vibrating Penis ring, rated by users.

Of course Shipping is FREE!
This LELO Vibrating Penis Ring is not like other cock rings but works best in missionary position, warp around the penis on the belly side so the Oden can stimulate the clit too.
Oden is Remote Controlled, but what is unique is remote controller, because remote vibrates too. You or your partner can control Oden up to 39 feet  away. This Luxury Vibrator is waterproof,
With Insignia Oden you get also a sample  lubricant, instruction manual, 2 (AAA) batteries, charger and remote control.
For more info about Insignia OdenCLICK HERE! 

LELO Luxury Vibrators
 are unique, and have great design and every single one of them is special. The price is a little bit high, but if you want best for you or your partner you will pick one of LELO Vibrators. Using this unique sex-toys, will improve your sex life, but of course you can find few more choices to spice up your sex life, like other sex toys on the bottom!

Those are TOP 3 LELO Vibrators, which are rated by users. 

For more Info about LELO Vibrators


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Jopen Intensity

Vanity by Jopen is unique and special because of its features, look and Luxury in the world of the Sex-toys. Everyone who knows Jopen Vanity, knows that every single one of Jopen Version combine some features and usefulness but none of them so much as Jopen Intensity.

Jopen IntensityJopen Intensity combine G-spot Vibrator, Electro-stimulation, Inflatable vibrator and clitoral vibrator in one. It’s better than all the others before and every single one of us can find something that is useful with this G-spot Vibrator with  with the possibility of inflation and electrostimulation.

Only bad thing of this unique Luxury Vibrator is that is not waterproof like the others and maybe is »Duckling« appearance a little bit odd.

Jopen Intensity is innovative revolution on the market of pleasure even if the look is not something that instantly make you »wanna have«.  This Vanity by Jopen is billed as Kegel Exerciser but is also one of the best pleasure giver that you can find.  Inside of Jopen Intensity are hidden two separate motors, one deliver vibrating pleasures through the shaft, second, the clitoral stimulation is located in triple-tipped stimulator.
The shaft is ribbed and that allows to inflate and because of that, Jopen Intensity is perfect for your body, no matter your favorite size.
More info you can find in this special video, and I think that you will see Jopen Intensity in different sight than before.

Jopen Intensity is made from body safe materials like silicone, ABS plastic with a silicone coating, stimulation contacts are made of stainless steel. All of materials are Non-porous, Free of latex, Phthalates, Odor-free or any other potential irritants.


Cleaning of Jopen Intensity is a little bit different than cleaning other Vanity by Jopen, because Intensity is not waterproof, so clean it carefully with mild soap and water.
With Jopen Intensity  you can only use a water-based lubricants.

The instruction are offered in multiple languages and they are concise as well efficient.

For more information about Jopen Intensity , CLICK HERE!


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Jopen Vanity Vr4

Like any other Vanity by Jopen even this one is something special. In short, Jopen Vanity Vr4 is Rabbit-Style Vibrator which is perfect to use like G-spot Vibrators. Ergonomics shaft is shaped just right for G-spot stimulation.
Of course, like any other Vanity by Jopen, this luxury Jopen Vanity Vr4 is waterproof with  rechargeable battery and it’s made from 100% silicone (outer layer).

Jopen Vanity Vr4

Jopen Vanity Vr4

Design of Jopen Vanity Vr4 leans towards ergonomic instead of hyper-realism style. Two separate and very powerful motors provides you with very deep vibrations. One of the best features of Vanity by Jopen is that you get dual stimulation with two independently controlled motors.

Jopen Vanity Vr4 is perfect shaped for G-spot stimulation, because the shape of shaft is designed anatomically correct that begs you to use this powerful toy for G-spot stimulation. Jopen Vainty Vr4 is one of the best of G-spot Vibrators in the world.

Beautiful fuchsia color makes Vanity by Jopen even more recognizable and unique. Features like Multi-speed, Travel lock, Light indicators, Rechargeable batteries and much more, proving that Vanity by Jopen are really best Luxury Vibrators on the planet.


How to control vibrations of Jopen Vanity?

Vibrations of every motor which is inside the any version of Jopen Vanity are controlled for each motor separate and controls are molded into the silicone. To turn vibrations on you simply push the button and satisfying click will tell you that you press the button and of course vibrations will start too. To get more powerful vibrations you just push the button and hold it until you reach the desired vibration intensity and let the button.
To turn vibrations off, you can easily push the button and vibrations will stop.


Water Based Lubes

Water Based Lubes

When you need to stop vibrations of your Luxury Vibrator fast is good to know how to turn it off. This instant-shutoff button can be very nice if you had to hide your Rabbit-Style Vibrator quickly.
Which lube can you use with Jopen Vanity Vr4?

For safety use it’s recommend to use Water or Oil Based Lubes and you will enjoy in using this Vanity by Jopen!
Do not use silicon based lube!!!
How to clean your Vanity by Jopen?

Jopen Vanity Vr4 is waterproof, so cleaning is easy. Your usually cleaning rutine with 10% bleach solution will work just fine. But don’t ever put this Luxury Vibrator into a dishwasher and do not boil it!

Enjoy in using this unique Rabbit-Style Vibrator of Vanity by Jopen.

For more info about Jopen Vanity Vr4, CLICK HERE!

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Jopen Vanity Vr3

It is well known that Jopen Vanity has the reputation of luxury and top quality vibrators. Any type of Jopen Vanity Vibrator is as silk smooth and in very beautiful deep Fuchsia color. But Jopen Vanity Vr3 is something unique like any other version of Jopen Vanity Vibrator.




Jopen_Vanity_Vr3Jopen Vanity Vr3 is luxury rechargeable Rabbit Style Vibrator. It’s perfect for those who searching for two vibrators at the same time, because Jopen Vanity Vr3 povides you with internal and clitoral dual stimulation simultaneously. Of course you can use it on other erogen zones like nipples or wherever you enjoy in vibrations, but while I read some reviews, no one recommend it for anal use.


Playing with Jopen Vanity Vr3 can be enjoyable and fun in solo or playing with your partner. Many of users recommend this Luxury Vibrator for foreplay. If you use this Luxury Rabbit Style Vibrator for masturbation everyone says that gets the job done very good.

Water Based Lubes

Water Based Lubes

As it known all of Jopen Vanity Vibrators are made from 100% silicone, which is 100% safe for users as long is used with Oil or Water Based Lubricants. It’s safe to use as for beginners as for advanced users.

The Rabbit Style Vibrator is supposed to work is that the internal portion goes inside while the clitoral attachment stimulates externally.



Jopen Vanity Vr3 is designed like other Rabbit Style Vibrators but without traditional rabbit rotations.

»The full length is 6.5 inches of which 3 inches (up to the clitoral attachment) is insertable. The clitoral attachment measures 1.75 inches. The smaller tip measures 1 inch wide while the wider bulb goes to 1.5 inches wide. From the tip of the vibrator to the tip of the clitoral attachment there is 3.5 inches in length.«

On Vr3 you can find only two buttons and two motors which is controlled by single button.

One motor is located in the internal shaft, second motor is located in the clitoral attachment.

With one press you activate the motor, with press and hold you increase a power of vibrations, with single press button you turn it off.

This unique and Luxury Vibrator have also a Lock feature. To lock you just simple press and hold both buttons for four seconds.

For more info about Jopen Vanity Vr3, CLICK HERE!

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Jopen Vanity Vr2

Jopen Vanity Vr2 is Ultimate G-spot Vibrator with two separate motors which operates individually. Like satin smooth 100% silicone skin gives this G-spot Vibrator position in luxury sex-toys world.

Beautiful deep Fuchsia color gives a softer appearance of this rechargeable Vibrator. You can use it internally or externally. For G-spot stimulation you can use smaller end which is shape just right for this kind of stimulation. Bigger bulb is powered by separate motor and has a great shape for clitoral stimulation. The smaller end you can also use anally.

Jopen Vanity Vr2Middle part of this unique Vibrator bends rather easily and it is easy to keep it bent while you’re using it for penetration. If you are not a size queen, this Vibrator is perfect for you.

Like all other Vibrators  of Jopen Vanity, this one is body-safe. To keep it clean, do not put this Vibrator in dishwasher or boil it for sterilizing. You just simple spray it with 10% bleach and 90% water solution and then rinse well with soap and water!

For safe playing with this Luxury Jopen Vanity Sex-toy is recommended to use Water Based Lubricants.

DON’T use silicone based lubricants!!!

For more info about Jopen Vanity Vr2 CLICK HERE!

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Jopen Vanity Vr1

Masturbation help you discover what you like and what gives you uncomfortable feelings. The Jopen Vanity Vr1 is one of a wide range of Vibrators Jopen. This version of Jopen Vanity Vibrator combine a high quality vibrator and Kegel Exerciser. Many woman ignores the vaginal muscles that become loose over the years.

Jopen Vanity Vr1 is designed to activate pelvic floor muscles and made them to work, but the real secret is that vibrating panel activates with touch and respon to your vaginal contractions with bursts of vibration.

Jopen Vanity Vr1This little vibrator proves that pleasure enhanced incentives.

What makes Jopen Vanity Vr1 Vibrator so unique?

Jopen Vanity Vr1 is luxury vibrator with lopsided hourglass shape and is best to use for those who have interest in vaginal exercisers. This Sex Toy is something special because of very important feature that no other Kegel Exerciser have. Dual motor (one on each ball) to motivate the wearer into working with pelvic floor muscles! By clenching your pelvic floor muscles around the largest ball, you will activate vibrating motors. With increasing pressure on that ball you triggered more powerful vibrations and thus more pleasure.

Jopen Vaniti Vr1 Vibrator is made from silicone. Though this silicone is a only a thin membrane between your body and the motors, it allows for easy insertion and optimal comfort once inside. Outer layer is completely Non-porous, Phthalates free, Hypo-allergenic, Latex free in beautiful Fuchsia color.

It’s rechargeable,waterproof and with powerful motors.

For safer use you can add a little water or oil based lubricant to the surface before insertion.

Never use silicone based lubricants with Jopen Vanity Vibrator!


For more info about Jopen Vanity Vr1 or other Jopen Vanity Vibrators CLICK HERE!

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