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Jopen Vanity Vr3

It is well known that Jopen Vanity has the reputation of luxury and top quality vibrators. Any type of Jopen Vanity Vibrator is as silk smooth and in very beautiful deep Fuchsia color. But Jopen Vanity Vr3 is something unique like any other version of Jopen Vanity Vibrator.       Jopen Vanity Vr3 is […]

Jopen Vanity Vr2

Jopen Vanity Vr2 is Ultimate G-spot Vibrator with two separate motors which operates individually. Like satin smooth 100% silicone skin gives this G-spot Vibrator position in luxury sex-toys world. Beautiful deep Fuchsia color gives a softer appearance of this rechargeable Vibrator. You can use it internally or externally. For G-spot stimulation you can use smaller […]