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LELO Vibrators are one of the best which you can find on the market in the whole world! Not only that all of LELO Vibrators are for an eye catchy, they are efficient and do the job just the way you want! In LELO Vibrator group you can find many varieties of Luxury Vibrators from Rabbit Style Vibrator,G-Spot Vibrators to bullet and Egg Vibrators. Many Of LELO Vibrators are waterproof, rechargeable, some of them are even remote controlled. The best part of all is that they are not only for women but you can also find some of them which is for your men.

Here are the Top 3 LELO Vibrators:

LELO Insignia Alia:

The Insignia Alia is Luxury Vibrator for external stimulation. This is one of those vibrators which can be used for both of you. Even if is this great  Clitoral Vibrator, woman can use it for teasing the lips and vaginal opening. you can use it on your man too, for tease the tip of his penis or you can place it under the balls. So basically you get with Insignia Alia vibrator for both of you. There are many options to use LELO Insignia Alia, like if you enjoy in vibrating pleasures on your nipples, the breasts or every other part of your body, with this sex toy you can rub around the body and enjoy in nice vibrations.

This Luxury Vibrator can be a great as a gift for your partner. It’s Multifunctional, quiet,waterproof, rechargeable and it’s made from Food-grade material, is  Hypo-allergenic, Latex free, Non-porous and Phthalates free.

Insignia Alia is placed in top 50 Discreat Vibrators rated by users. FREE Shipping!
For more Information about LELO Insignia Alia, CLICK HERE!


LELO Insignia Isla:

Insignia Isla  is Luxury G-Spot Vibrator and come in three different colors ( pink, green and black). It’s waterproof and recargeable like many other LELO Vibrators and it’s made from silicona and plastic which is Non-porous, Hypo-allergenic, Latex free, Phthalates free and of course Food-grade material. This is one of the Top 10 G-Spot Vibrators rated by users! Because of unique and nice looking is very special and very catchy for an eye so can be great for special gift for your women or girl.
This is great multifunctional, multispeed and quiet vibrator. Insignia Isla have 6 adjustable stimulation modes and full- rechargeable up to 4 hours  of pleasure.
For more info about Insignia IslaCLICK HERE!


LELO Insignia Oden:


Insignia Oden is the part of the LELOs wireles sex toys. Oden is rated in top 100 Vibrating Penis ring, rated by users.

Of course Shipping is FREE!
This LELO Vibrating Penis Ring is not like other cock rings but works best in missionary position, warp around the penis on the belly side so the Oden can stimulate the clit too.
Oden is Remote Controlled, but what is unique is remote controller, because remote vibrates too. You or your partner can control Oden up to 39 feet  away. This Luxury Vibrator is waterproof,
With Insignia Oden you get also a sample  lubricant, instruction manual, 2 (AAA) batteries, charger and remote control.
For more info about Insignia OdenCLICK HERE! 

LELO Luxury Vibrators
 are unique, and have great design and every single one of them is special. The price is a little bit high, but if you want best for you or your partner you will pick one of LELO Vibrators. Using this unique sex-toys, will improve your sex life, but of course you can find few more choices to spice up your sex life, like other sex toys on the bottom!

Those are TOP 3 LELO Vibrators, which are rated by users. 

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