Vibrating Bullet Insert For Your Vibrating Panties

Using sex toys is more and more popular, and using Remote Control Vibrating Panties for creating unforgetable pleasure is no exception. The best thing about Vibrating Panties is that you can make a pair of them with Vibrating Bullet Insert very cheap. It just depend which type of Vibrating Bullet Insert you will choose.
There are three types of Vibrating Bullet Insert:

Wireless Bullet Insert:

This type of sex toy accessories is in my opinion most used ever. It gives you as much freedom as you want and most of all, it can provide pleasure for two persons. One can handle Wireless Remote Controller and second person just enjoy in teasing moments whch are controlled by partner. Some of those Wireless Bullet inserts have a wide range up to 20 feet, so your partner have no problem to control vibrating pleasures in your panties.

Bullet Insert With Wired Remote Controller:

This type of Vibrating Bullet Inserts are controlled with Wired Remote Controller but they are cheaper than Wireless Bullets. I highly recomend this type for solo play, because only different is that you are limitet to distance of the wire from Remote Controller to Bullet Insert. You can find them in many different sizes, shapes and especially in every color you want.

Bullet Insert Without Conroller:

This type is the ost easiest to use. You just simply activate the vibrations, insert the Bullet into your panties and enjoy. Of course, you can use it not only in your panties but also for solo play without underwear.


With purchasing any type of Bullet Insert, you can transform your Lingerie into Vibrating Underwear and it’s a cheaper than buying Vibrating Panties.

Where Can you find Vibrating Bullet Insert for you online?

I highly recommend three online stores, two of them are specialized for sextoys and one is generally for anything you need at home.

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